Read Account List

Read the identifiers of the available payment account together with
booking balance information, depending on the consent granted.

It is assumed that a consent of the PSU to this access is already given and stored on the ASPSP system.
The addressed list of accounts depends then on the PSU ID and the stored consent addressed by consentId,
respectively the OAuth2 access token.

Returns all identifiers of the accounts, to which an account access has been granted to through
the /consents endpoint by the PSU.
In addition, relevant information about the accounts and hyperlinks to corresponding account
information resources are provided if a related consent has been already granted.

Remark: Note that the /consents endpoint optionally offers to grant an access on all available
payment accounts of a PSU.
In this case, this endpoint will deliver the information about all available payment accounts
of the PSU at this ASPSP.

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