Payment initiation request

This method is used to initiate a payment at the ASPSP.

Variants of payment initiation requests

This method to initiate a payment initiation at the ASPSP can be sent with either a JSON body or an pain.001 body depending on the payment product in the path.

There are the following payment products:

  • Payment products with payment information in JSON format:
    - aspsp
    - domestic
    - foreign
    Furthermore the request body depends on the payment-service:
  • payments: A single payment initiation request.

  • bulk-payments: A collection of several payment initiation requests.

    In case of a JSON there are several JSON payment blocks contained in a joining list.

Single and mulitilevel SCA Processes

The payment initiation requests are independent from the need of one or multilevel
SCA processing, i.e. independent from the number of authorisations needed for the execution of payments.

But the response messages are specific to either one SCA processing or multilevel SCA processing.

For payment initiation with multilevel SCA, this specification requires an explicit start of the authorisation,
i.e. links directly associated with SCA processing like 'scaRedirect' or 'scaOAuth' cannot be contained in the
response message of a Payment Initation Request for a payment, where multiple authorisations are needed.
Also if any data is needed for the next action, like selecting an SCA method is not supported in the response,
since all starts of the multiple authorisations are fully equal.
In these cases, first an authorisation sub-resource has to be generated following the 'startAuthorisation' link.

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