Endpoint Addresses:

All endpoints are structured according to the following pattern:

Base URL

API Version

current version: v1

Product endpoints

  • Get Access Token: /tpay/access-token
    Gets access-token for accessing TBC Checkout resources. TBC Checkout merchant parameters - client_id and client_secret values should be passed as a form parameters in body.
  • Create Payment: /tpay/payments
    Request initiates TBC Checkout web payment.
  • Get Payment Details: /tpay/payments/{payId}
    Request returns payment status and details for given payId.
  • Cancel Payment: /tpay/payments/{payId}/cancel
    Request cancels payment for given payId
  • Complete Pre-authorization: /payments/{payId}/completion
    Request completes authorization process for payment with given payId.
  • Execute Recurring Payment: /payments/execution
    Request initiates recurring payment.
  • Delete Recurring Payment: /tpay/payments/{recId}/delete
    Request deletes recurring payment for given recurring payment id recId.