API Overview


Abbreviations used in the documentation:
TPP - Third Party Providers
PIS - Payment Initiation Service
ASPSP - Account Servicing Payment Service Provider
PSU - Payment Service User
SCA - Strong Customer Authentication

Json Web Signature (JWS)


Any API request requires a JWS signature

JWS signature is a mechanism for electronically signing API requests and responses with a structure based on the JSON format.

The signature must include the request body and the following headers:

  1. host

  2. X-Request-ID

  3. digest

  4. content-type(optional)

  5. content-length(optional)

  6. Headers starting with the prefix "psu-"

Signed data must be passed in header "x-jws-signature" for all the requests described in Payments


More details on our JWS library on GitHub: Open Banking JWS Library

More details on JWS Signature standards can be found in the official file of the Georgian Banking Association


In order to make test integration, please use