API Overview

Methods for initiating and managing TBC online installment applications from merchant web page.

Product Overview

Methods for initiating and managing Online Installment Applications from the e-commerce websites.

API Overview

Endpoint Addresses:

All endpoints are structured according to the following pattern:

Base URL

API Version

current version: v1

Product endpoints

  • Create Application: POST /online-installments/applications
    For initiating Online Installment application.
  • Cancel Application: POST /online-installments/applications/{session-id}/cancel
    To cancel the application for whatever reason.
  • Confirm Application: POST /online-installments/applications/{session-id}/confirm
    To confirm that products requested during application process are available and loan disbursement can be completed.
  • Check Status: GET /online-installments/applications/{session-id}/status
    Return a status of the initiated installment loan application.
  • Check Status changes for merchant applications: GET /online-installments/merchant/applications/status-changes
    Returns changed statuses of installment loan applications initiated by merchant.
  • Confirm application status synchronization POST /online-installments/merchant/applications/status-changes-sync
    To approve synchronization of requested information.

Authorizing Requests:

  • Requests should contain Bearer token in Authorization Header. Token should be obtained by Oauth Client Credential flow. Details regarding getting access token are described in the following chapter.

Testing services:

Error Response

In case of error, standard response in problem JSON will be returned.

Details can be found at Error Code Description.

ENUM Values