Getting API Key and Secret

Once you sign in to your account, you can go ahead and add your app to get your API Keys and Secret to make API Calls.

The number of API Products per App is not limited, nor is the number of apps for a developer account.

Register an App

  • Select Apps from the user drop-down.
  • Click on + NEW APP
  • Define an app name and description
  • Choose the API Product which you'd like to use from the list and click enable button
  • Click SAVE


You should add at least one API Product to an App.

Access the API keys

API Key is visible in the app details. To access the API key for an app:

  • Select Apps from the user drop-down
  • Click the app in the list
  • View the API key and Secret on the API Keys section and confirm that the status the API key is Active


Now, you can head to API Product of your choice and start making test requests 😎