Create Consent

This method create a consent resource, defining access rights to user accounts. These accounts are addressed explicitly in the method as parameters as a core function.

Side Effects
When this consent request is a request where the "recurringIndicator" equals "true", and if it exists already a former consent for recurring access on account information for the addressed PSU, then the former consent automatically expires as soon as the new consent request is authorised by the PSU.

Optional Extension:
As an option, an ASPSP might optionally accept a specific access right on the access on PSD2 related services for all available accounts.

As option an ASPSP might optionally also accept a command, where only access rights are inserted without mentioning the addressed account.
The relation to accounts is then handled afterwards between PSU and ASPSP.

As a last option, an ASPSP might in addition accept a command with access rights

  • to see the list of available payment accounts or
  • to see the list of available payment accounts with balances.
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