API Overview


APIs for getting card information based on customer consent.
TPP can retrieve customer account and card account list, details, balances and transactions for each of them.

Consent has frequency with default value 4. TPP may retrieve all those information 4 times during 24 hours without involvement of user.


Abbreviations used in the documentation:

  • TPP - Third Party Providers
  • AIS - Account Information Service
  • ASPSP - Account Servicing Payment Service Provider
  • PSU - Payment Service User
  • SCA - Strong Customer Authentication

These Steps will help you retrieve information on account

in order to retrieve customer's account information based on consent, you have to call Read Account List which provides account list. Each element of list has unique id - called as resource id, on which you can retrieve account's details, balances and transactions.

Json Web Signature (JWS)


Any API request requires a JWS signature

JWS signature is a mechanism for electronically signing API requests and responses with a structure based on the JSON format.

The signature must include the request body and the following headers:

  1. host

  2. X-Request-ID

  3. digest

  4. content-type(optional)

  5. content-length(optional)

  6. Headers starting with the prefix "psu-"

Signed data must be passed in header "x-jws-signature" for all the requests described in Accounts


More details on our JWS library on GitHub: Open Banking JWS Library

More details on JWS Signature standards can be found in the official file of the Georgian Banking Association


In order to make test integration, please use