Error Code Description

Error Code Description


This section describes the problem detail types - fault codes and error messages for each type that are returned by OpenAPI when the system triggers an error. This information is important to know for troubleshooting or understanding the reason for the fault.

Errors are divided into two parts 4xx and 5xx. 4xx codes indicate that an error was caused by the user, whereas 5xx codes tell the client that the request was correct and the error originated from the target server-side.

For each error an HTTP response is returned carrying JSON problem details:

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
   Content-Type: application/json
   Content-Language: en
	"type": "",
	"title": "You do not have enough balance.",
	"detail": "Your current balance is 50, but that costs 60.",
  "systemCode": "System code for problem is exchange-rates.400.001"

Problem detail fields are defined below.
*indicates mandatory fields

status*number The HTTP status code generated by the target server. More details about status codes RFC7231, Section 6.
type*string A URI reference that identifies the problem type. When dereferenced, this specification provides human-readable documentation for the problem type. When this field is not present, its value is assumed to be "about:blank".
titlestringA short, human-readable summary of the problem type. Is mosly used for the localization purposes.
detailstringA human-readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem.
systemCodestringAn internal reference code. Might be used when communicating with the TBC support team.
codestringNote: Used only for Open Banking Services.
PSD2 / Open Banking Standard specific error code.