API Overview

Methods for integrating TBC E-Commerce payments for e-commerce

Endpoint Addresses

Production service url: https://api.tbcbank.ge

Base Path:


Sample requests:

Postman collection and preconfigured environment can be downloaded from the following link: TBC Checkout API Services Collection

PHP Framework for integrating TBC Checkout Methods are available at the following Github repository

Authorizing Requests

All requests should contain apikey parameter with corresponding developer app key value passed in the Request Header. apikey parameter is used to verify registered developer app and grant general access to Open API platform. To get your API key, follow instructions at developers.tbcbank.ge/get-started.

Access Token
In order to execute TBC Checkout Services, you must be registered as a TBC Checkout Merchant.

After merchant activation, detailed instructions will be sent to the registered company email.

After TBC Checkout merchant account is validated and activated by back office users in TBC Checkout system, you can get your merchant client_id and client_secret parameters from the TBC Checkout Merchant Dashboard .

Access token is needed for executing TBC Checkout payment methods. Token can be obtained by executing /tpay/access-token request, with corresponding client_id and client_secret parameters, as described below. Received token value should then be passed in an Authorization Header for other methods. Token is valid within 1 day.