API Overview

Methods for integrating [TBC ID] service into your platform.

API is built with the OPENID CONNECT specifications

Endpoint Addresses:

Base URL

Product endpoints

  • Get Configuration: /.well-known/openid-configuration

  • Redirect user to authenticate : /psd2/openbanking/oauth/authorize

  • or initiate CIBA request for backchannel authentication /psd2/openbanking/oauth/bc-authorization

  • in case of CIBA flow, get Json Web Key Set for id_token signature verification /.well-known/keys

  • Generate or refresh access token: /openbanking/oauth/token

  • Get user info: /userinfo

Authorizing Requests:

mtls certificate

  • All requests should contain mtls certificate generated for your company, except authorization_endpoint.

access token

  • is mandatory for getting user information