401 Unauthorized

401 Unauthorized

This status code means that the user authentication is required by the server or that authorization for the provided credentials was refused - this might mean that one or both of your credentials are invalid.

Possible solutions

  • Make sure that the credentials required by the operation/request are correct.

There are several types of authentication in API:

Authentication Types

Bearer token In case of requests which require a bearer token, make sure that a valid access token is provided and that it has not expired. For details, check the title parameter value in the error response body.
'apikey' Header When an operation requires apikey, make sure that the apikey parameter is passed in the request Header and that the value is valid. Check the title in the response body for more details.
Tpay Bearer Token In the case of TBC Checkout operations authentication requires Bearer token as well as apikey header for application identification purposes. Make sure that both apikey and Bearer token are valid, and that token has not expired. For more details check the title attribute returned in the response.
Basic authentication For the operations which require basic authentification, the correct Application key and secret should be provided.
Make sure that no parameters are missing and that correct values are passed. For more details check the title attribute returned in the response.