This product is available only for POS Vendors.

Product Overview

POS QR is a fast and secure payment service that allows you to easily receive payments from TBC Bank Mobile Bank customers.

โœ“ Easy to use
โœ“ Ability to manage transactions online



Payment will be credited to your account the following business day.

Product endpoints

  • Generate Access Token:
    To request access token for executing Tpay payments, client_id and client_secret values should be passed as a form parameters in body. Received token value should then be added as an Authorization Header for other methods.
  • Initiate QR Payment:
    Request initiates QR payment. Returned qrCode content value (url) should be converted to QR code by the developer app.
  • Retrieve QR Payment Status:
    Request returns QR payment status. Value of corresponding QR payment ID should be passed as a parameter in request url.

Authorizing Requests:

  • All requests should contain apikey parameter with corresponding developer app key value in a Header.
  • apikey parameter is used to verify registered developer app and grant general access to make api call. To get your developer app key, follow instructions at Creating developer account.