This product is available only for POS Vendors.

Product Overview

POS QR is a fast and secure payment service that allows you to easily receive payments from TBC Bank Mobile Bank customers.

✓ Easy to use
✓ Ability to manage transactions online



Payment will be credited to your account the following business day.

Product endpoints

  • Token:
    To request access token for executing Tpay payments, client_id and client_secret values should be passed as a form parameters in body. Received token value should then be added as an Authorization Header for other methods.
  • QRPayment:
    Request initiates QR payment. Returned qrCode content value (url) should be converted to QR code by the developer app.
  • QRPaymentStatus:
    Request returns QR payment status. Value of corresponding QR payment_id should be passed as a parameter in request url.

Authorizing Requests:

  • All requests should contain apikey parameter with corresponding developer app key value in a Header.
  • apikey parameter is used to verify registered developer app and grant general access to make api call. To get your developer app key, follow instructions at Creating developer account.