/Initiate online installment application

/Initiate online installment application

Method should be used for initiating Online Installment application. Merchant parameters, product list and price should be passed in request. Successful response body will contain sessionId for given application used in follow-up requests (like confirming application, etc.) and Location Header will contain redirectUrl value, where user should be redirected to fill in and complete installment Loan application.

Request Endpoint

POST https://api.tbcbank.ge/v1/online-installments/applications


Authorization TypeDescription
Bearer Tokenaccess-token should be added to Authorization header

Request Parameters

merchantKey (required)stringmerchant unique identifier in online installments module
campaignIdstringonline installments campaign id
invoiceIdstringinvoice id
priceTotal (required)number (decimal)total price of purchase in GEL 0.00.
should be equal to sum of all product prices.
products [ ] (required)arrayarray of installment products

Complex Types Description


namestringproduct description
price (required)number (decimal)product price in Georgian Lari
format: 0.00
quantity (required)integer (int32)number of purchased units

Request Sample

curl --location --request POST 'https://test-api.tbcbank.ge/v1/online-installments/applications' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer vpmnLxBrQGlvm2Ivky2eW0QEAhDt' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
  "merchantKey": "MerchantIntegrationTesting",
  "priceTotal": 150.33,
  "campaignId":	"1",
  "invoiceId": "123",
  "products": [
      "name": "მაცივარი",
      "price": 150.33,
      "quantity": 1

Response Parameters

response contains location header with correspondins redirect URL and unique sessionId of the initiated application.

Response Header

locationstring (uri)URI where the client should be redirected to continue Installment Loan appication.

Response Body

sessionIdguidunique identifier of the online application session. should be saved for follow-up application requests (e.g. confirm application).

Response Sample

    "sessionId": "289838bb-f41f-40c2-b9c9-151407acbbbf"

Error Response

In case of error, standard response in problem json will be returned.

Details can be found at Error Code Description.