API Overview

API Overview

Methods for integrating TBC E-Commerce service into your e-commerce solution.

Endpoint Addresses:

All endpoints are structured according to the following pattern:

Base URL

API Version

current version: v1

Product endpoints

  • Get Access Token: /tpay/access-token
    Gets access-token for accessing TBC E-Commerce resources. TBC E-Commerce merchant parameters - client_id and client_secret values should be passed as a form parameters in body.
  • Create Payment: /tpay/payments
    Request initiates TBC E-Commerce web payment.
  • Get Payment Details: /tpay/payments/{payId}
    Request returns payment status and details for given payId.
  • Cancel Payment: /tpay/payments/{payId}/cancel
    Request cancels payment for given payId
  • Complete Pre-authorization: /payments/{payId}/completion
    Request completes authorization process for payment with given payId.
  • Execute Recurring Payment: /payments/execution
    Request initiates recurring payment.
  • Delete Recurring Payment: /tpay/payments/{recId}/delete
    Request deletes recurring payment for given recurring payment id recId.

Authorizing Requests:


  • All requests should contain apikey parameter with corresponding developer api key value in a Header.
  • apikey parameter is used to verify registered developer app and grant general access to make api call. To get your developer app key, follow instructions at developer account.

access token

  • In order to execute TBC E-Commerce Services, you must be registered as a TBC E-Commerce Merchant.
  • access token is needed for executing TBC E-Commerce payment methods. Token can be obtained by executing /tpay/access-token request, with corresponding client_id and client_secret parameters, as described below. Received token value should then be passed in an Authorization Header for other methods. Token is valid within 1 day.

Testing services: