WordPress WooCommerce

WordPress – Woocommerce plugin installation

WordPress – Woocommerce

Install the plugin in three steps:

  • Set up your online store with WordPress
  • Install TBC E-commerce for WooCommerce
  • Enter your ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret

  1. Click on ‘Plugins’ in the sidebar menu, then click on ‘Add New’ under
    ‘Plugins’ and enter ‘TBC E-commerce for WooCommerce’ into the search box.

  2. Find ‘TBC E-commerce for WooCommerce’ in search results and click on ‘Install Now'.


Install TBC E-commerce for WooCommerce

  1. When the installation is complete, click on ‘Activate’.

  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings.


Set Settings

  1. Enable TBC Checkout under Payment Methods in the Payments tab.

Enable TBC Checkout

  1. Enter into TBC Checkout authentication fields your Client ID and Client Secret, which you obtained from the Merchant Dashboard

Enter Client ID and Client Secret

  1. Callback URL provides an instant reflection of the transaction results. Copy your callback URL from the WooCommerce TBC Checkout plug-in:

Copy callback URL

and insert into your merchant's dashboard. Navigate to Website Management and paste the URL into the *Callback.


Callback URL