/Create QR Payment

Generate and return QR content value on which QR image should be generated.

/Create QR Payment

Generate and return QR content value on which QR image should be generated.

Request Endpoint



Authorization TypeDescription
Bearer Tokenaccess-token should be added to Authorization header

Request Parameters


apikeystringdeveloper app API key

Body Parameters

amountRequireddecimalTransaction amount, more than zero
format: 0.00
currencyRequiredstringTransaction currency (3 digit ISO code).
only "GEL" is available for this moment
terminalNoRequiredstringTerminal number
merchantPaymentIdOptionalstringMerchant-side payment identifier
callbackUrlOptionalstringwhen payment status changes to final status, POST request containing PaymentId in the body will be sent to given URL. In case of successful receipt of the request, the merchant must return the status code 200 and check the payment status.
Body example {"PaymentId":"6azzo13uw5u2116332"}
callbackUrl must be added on the merchant dashboard at ecom.tbcpayments.ge.
If callbackUrl parameter is not provided, system automatically takes the basic callbackUrl value from the merchant dashboard.
Please, verify that POST request is allowed at your callbackUrl from the following IP addresses:

Response Parameters

payIdstringTpay payment identifier
qrCodestringQR Code content value, on which qr image should be generated
Example- "https://tpay.ge/qr/qr-fa22871022"
amountdecimalTransaction amount
currencystringTransaction currency
terminalNostringTerminal number
expirationMinutesstringPayment expiration time in minutes
merchantPaymentIdstringMerchant-side payment identifier

Error Handling

400InvalidParameter400Amount is required
400InvalidParameter400Amount should be more than 0
400InvalidParameter400TerminalID is Required
400Invalid Merchant400Merchant is inactive
400Invalid Merchant400Terminal is inactive
400Invalid Merchant400Company is inactive
400Invalid Merchant400Not enough merchant limit
404Invalid Merchant404Terminal not found
500Internal Server Error500An error occurred while processing your request