.NET Packages

.NET packages

Svcutil Tool

To install SVCUTIL tool in your system, open developer Command Prompt for VS and run command:

dotnet tool install --global dotnet-svcutil

Generate Packages Using Svcutil Tool

open developer Command Prompt for VS change directory to where WSDL/XSD files are stored in your system
I.E. if files are stored in C:\DBI folder, enter command cd C:\DBI in developer Command Prompt for VS.

Example 1: Generate Packages From ChangePasswordEIService.WSDL Using Svcutil Tool

dotnet-svcutil wsdl/ChangePasswordEIService.wsdl xsd/ChangePasswordIOMessages.xsd -n "*,ChangePasswordEIServiceReference" -o ChangePasswordEIServiceReference

Example 2: Generate Packages From MovementEIService.WSDL Using Svcutil Tool

dotnet-svcutil wsdl/MovementEIService.wsdl xsd/BaseIOTypes.xsd xsd/MovementIOTypes.xsd xsd/MovementIOEiMessages.xsd -n "*,MovementEIServiceReference" -o MovementEIServiceReference

Example 3: Generate Packages From PaymentEIService.WSDL Using Svcutil Tool

dotnet-svcutil wsdl/PaymentEIService.wsdl xsd/PaymentIOTypes.xsd xsd/PaymentIOMessages.xsd xsd/BaseIOTypes.xsd -n "*,PaymentEIServiceReference" -o PaymentEIServiceReference

Example 4: Generate Packages From PostboxEIService.WSDL Using Svcutil Tool

dotnet-svcutil wsdl/PostboxEIService.wsdl xsd/BaseIOTypes.xsd xsd/PostboxIOTypes.xsd xsd/PostboxIOMessages.xsd -n "*,PostboxEIServiceReference" -o PostboxEIServiceReference

Example 5: Generate Packages From StatementEIService.WSDL Using Svcutil Tool

dotnet-svcutil wsdl/StatementEIService.wsdl xsd/BaseIOTypes.xsd xsd/StatementIOMessages.xsd xsd/StatementIOTypes.xsd -n "*,StatementEIServiceReference" -o StatementEIServiceReference

Download already generated .NET packages here