How to use Digital Certificate

How to use Digital Certificate

When the token code is no longer a need to send for methods GetAccountMovements, ImportSinglePaymentOrders and ImportBatchPaymentOrder, the standard connection is no longer permitted to the DBI and it becomes necessary to connect with the digital certificate, During connection to the service, there should make the authentication as follows: Username + password + Digital Certificate.



Username and Passwords will be sent by your banker after the service is activated

Integration of the service connection settings for the test environment, with digital certificate:
• Endpoint:
• Username:
• Password:
• Digital Certificate File (KeyStore):;
• Digital Certificate Password (KeyStore Password):
• Please Install - TBCRootCer.cer Certificate in Operating System locally to make trusted certificate for your system, which is included for test service. (In real working environment such certificate installing wouldn’t be needed)
• Please see following files in attached archive :