Password Change

Password change Web service



Changing the password is mandatory before first use

User can change password only to himself (the username and password in soap header will be used for identifying the user whose password is going to be changed). For an example of a request for changing password see chapter 5.5.

ChangePasswordstringMain change password request objectNEWPASSWORD

There are several situations when the change of password is not allowed:

  • User is in status temporarily blocked – user can end in this state if he tries to send a request with
    incorrect credentials several times (the allowed amount of tries is specified by parameter
    DBI_MAX_NO_OF_INCORRECT_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS). If user manages to block himself then he can
    be unblocked automatically after a specified time (this time is specified by parameter
    DBI_RECOVER_TEMPORARY_BLOCKED_DCU_TIME_MIN) or can be unblocked by bank upon
  • User is in status blocked
  • User is in status deleted



  1. During the Change of Password (operation ChangePassword) Digipass Code is required in any case;
  2. Security protocol TLS 1.2 will be required by TBC DBI server.

Password policy:

The new password should consist of at least 8 characters and should contain at least two of the following character groups:

  • English upper case letters (A through Z);
  • English lowercase letters (a through z);
  • numerals (0 through 9);
  • non-alphabetic characters (such as: !, %, $)