Account Movement

Account Movement

This web service interface is used for obtaining account movements data (transactions) from the bank system.

GetAccountMovements method

GetAccountMovementsAccepts get account movement request object which contains:

Account number
Currency code
Start and end date
Movement Id
Last movement timestamp
Returns transactions on account

Per page
Page size
Total count

Transactions Attributes:

  • Movement Id
  • Payment Id
  • Operation type is debit or credit operation
  • Operation date
  • Description
  • Amount and currency of movement
  • Account Number
  • Account Name
  • Additional information (partner info)
  • Document Date
  • Document Number
  • Partner's account number
  • Partner's name, tax code, bank code and bank
  • Intermediary bank and it's code
  • Taxpayer name and code
  • Treasury code
  • Operation code
  • Additional description
  • Exchange rate (for currency exchange operations)
  • Partner's personal number (for cash operations)
  • Partner's ID document type and number (for cash operations)
  • Transaction type
  • Status