Payment Services

ImportSinglePaymentOrders method

Import single payment orders functionality allows external systems to import single payment orders into the bank system. In one call 1 to N single payment orders of different types can be imported.

ImportSinglePaymentOrdersList of single payment orders
(can be various types)
Returns imported single payment order details

Payment order types:

  • Transfer to own account - debit and credit accounts have same currency or have different currencies (currency exchange)
  • Transfer within TBC Bank
  • Transfer to Other Bank in National Currency
  • Transfer to Other Bank in Foreign Currency
  • Treasury Transfer
  • Treasury Transfer for other person or company

ImportBatchPaymentOrder method

Import batch payment order functionality allows external systems to import only 1 batch of single payment orders per request. If the external system needs to import more than 1 batch it has to call the WS multiple times. The payment orders in the batch can be of different types. Supported types are displayed in Table 1 in section 1.6.2.

ImportBatchPaymentOrderpayment request ID.
This attribute is optional; when
specified, system will check whether there is already
imported batch payment order with the same request ID for the same client and if yes –
then the import will fail.
returns batch payment order ID



To be able to import batch payments user must be granted appropriate rights.

GetPaymentOrderStatus method

Get payment order status functionality provides users with the possibility to check the status of any imported single or batch payment order. In case a batch payment order status is requested - this interface in addition provides (if available at given moment) information about each payment order in the imported batch.

GetPaymentOrderStatusMain get payment order status request objectReturns single or batch payment order status